Change the primary Domain

I will help you change the primary domain for your G Suite Legacy free Edition account (G Suite Standard)

The domain through which G Suite Legacy free edition was signed-up called the Primary domain. From March 15th, 2016 Google has updated, you can’t change the primary domain in G Suite Legacy account anymore. But I found a secret method that can still change the primary domain in your account.

Add Secondary Domain(s)

I will help you add the secondary domain(s) for your G Suite Legacy free Edition account (G Suite Standard).

The secondary domain will allow you to create separate email ids with the separate domain name. So, if you have and added as the secondary domain in your account, you will be able to create two separate email ids, i.e. jerry@ and jhon@ – which is something you won’t be able to do with Domain Alias.

Managed Data Migration

Let our migration experts do all the hard work and take the pain out of your move to G Suite with our Managed G Suite Data Migration service.

Our Managed Data Migration team follow a tried and tested process to ensure each Managed Migration runs smoothly and exceeds your expectations. Our team has performed thousands of managed migrations, moving unimaginable amounts of data to G Suite with a 99% success rate.